5 Ways You Can Grow Weed with a Limited Budget

Grow Outside


Can’t afford to set up an indoor garden with all the necessary equipment? There’s a simple solution! Grow marijuana outdoors instead. Doing so will reduce your costs of setting up your grow room. Rather than purchasing all the lights, air conditioning system, and paying an extremely high electric bill, you can rely on the sun for light. Plus, you’ll have a growing medium already—soil. The only downside is that you’ll have to be wary of pests, but if you know how to amend your soil, you’ll do ok. Learn how to grow weed outdoors in https://growfor420.com/.

Homemade Fertilizer

compost bin

Make your own fertilizer instead of buying! The best way is to compost—gather all the plant waste in one container placed in the backyard. Your container should be a compost bin. Don’t worry; you can get one from a hardware store with a low price. You could also make your own container using a large bin, just make sure the container has many air holes to allow adequate air circulation.

Throw in all the plant waste in your compost bin. Add leaves, grass clippings, stuff from the kitchen, and others. Just don’t add meat, animal waste, and dangerous weeds.

Simple Humidifier

If you have the money to make a low-budget indoor growing room, then you’ll need a humidifier. And what if you can’t afford a quality one? There’s only one solution—a DIY humidifier. Just grab a towel, drape it over a hanger, and submerge its bottom half in a bowl of water. The towel will absorb the water, and it’ll emit moisture into the air slowly. You should, however, buy an affordable hygrometer to help you monitor your room’s levels of humidity.

Harvest on Your Own

cannabis buds

There’s no need to call for a professional to harvest! Just study the proper way (there are easy-to-follow guides in Growfor420) and grab your sharp scissors to cut the buds and prune the excess stems and leaves. You’ll be needing a tray for this one too.

Curing the Bud, the Mason Jar Way

After getting a crop of bud, you could optimize its scent, flavor, freshness, and potency by placing the buds in a cheap mason jar. This is the most affordable way to cure the flower the right way.

Just put the dried flower in the jar, secure the lid, and place the jar in a dark location with room temperature.

Ensure that you open the jar once per day to let the air out. Allow the flower to dry. Once it’s dry and still sticky, you could get it out.