For the Handyman: Save Money by Not Buying Everything

One way to save money is to purchase only what you NEED. You don’t have to buy everything all at once, you can start with the essentials and acquire the rest when you have enough savings.

This article is for the handyman who’s confused about what to power tools he needs the most. To help you put your money in the right way, here are the four handyman tools you’ll need for most of your projects:

Miter Saw

As a versatile saw, the miter saw allows the handyman to produce quick, accurate angle cuts and crosscuts. If you need a tool for cutting trim, then the miter saw got you covered. It’s needed in nearly all woodworking projects you’ll come across with.

Most quality miter saws are expensive, but you can settle with models priced around $80 and they’ll do the trick. If you have a few extra bucks, consider upgrading to a sliding miter saw which can cut wider wood pieces. Their prices start at $200.

Lithium-ion Driver

lithium ion driver

This lightweight power tool helps your cordless drill do their job properly. They usually cost less than $50, but if you want a better model, purchase one that costs $75. With it, you can drive 100 deck screws per charge efficiently.

What’s great about this driver is that it’s lighter than the usual nickel-cadmium-battery driver. Plus, it can hold a charge up to one and a half year! It also takes only 30 minutes to recharge.

These drivers can fit into tight areas and is a great go-to handyman tool.

Oscillating Tool

oscillating toolYou can purchase this tool for only $80 and after buying one, you’ll be glad you bought one. An oscillating tool can cut drywall, wood, and metal. It can also sand in tight spots, scrape paint, and remove grout. Seriously, the possibilities are nearly endless! Because of its numerous uses, it’s dubbed as a multi-tool.

It’s the jack-of-all-trades and that’s why you need it.

Now all you have to do is choose one out of the best oscillating tools on the market today!

Reciprocating Saw

Makita_JR3070CT_Reciprocating_SawBecause you can never have too many saws, you should check out the reciprocating saw. You can purchase one for less than $50 and it can come with various features like adjustable pivoting shoes and adjustable handles. However, unless you’re planning to use the tool frequently, then you don’t need those additional features.

Let your reciprocating saw cut quickly through drywalls, tubing, wood, metals, and more!